Paramus, NJ

Today, a great array of hearing devices and treatments make it possible for patients to improve their ability to hear. When greater clarity is achieved, one can improve his or her quality of life. This is where Sophisticated Hearing comes in. Whether you are looking to get a hearing test or an adjustment of your hearing aids, we can help. If you are living in Paramus, you will be pleased that our office is very near where you live.

About Paramus, NJ

Located in Bergen County, Paramus is a borough and a suburb of New York City. It has a population of over 26,300 residents. Paramus’s name is said to be of Native American origin, which means pleasant stream or land of the turkey. As the Quintessential Suburb, as characterized by the Wall Street Journal, Paramus is one of the largest shopping destinations in the United States. The zip codes of Paramus are 07652 and 07653.

Sophisticated Hearing Products & Services | Areas of Specialty

General Sophisticated Hearing Services in Paramus, NJ

We offer a wide range of general hearing services in Paramus. You can consult us for:

  • In Office Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Hearing Test and Evaluation
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning
  • Tinnitus Management
  • Video Otoscopic Examination
  • Programming and Adjusting your Hearing Aids

Sophisticated Hearing Diagnostics in Paramus, NJ

Our audiologists can identify the reasons behind your hearing impairment issues. Here are some of the diagnostic tests we specialize in:

  • Pure Tone Test
  • Air Conduction Testing
  • Bone Conduction Testing
  • Speech Discrimination
  • Uncomfortable Loudness Levels
  • Tympanograms
  • Acoustic Reflexes and Decay
  • Hearing in Noise Test (HINT)

Digital Hearing Devices in Paramus, NJ

Sophisticated Hearing offers state-of-the-art digital hearing devices that are easy to use and maintain. Here’s what you can expect to get from us:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Listening Demonstration
  • Real Ear Verification Measures
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Speech Mapping
  • Custom Ear Molds

Hearing Device Accessories in Paramus, NJ

Out of batteries? Don’t worry. You can find all the hearing aid accessories you need from us.

  • Hi-Definition Wireless Bluetooth
  • Batteries
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • V. Headsets
  • Custom/Non-Custom Ear Pieces for Cell Phones

Driving Directions from Paramus to Sophisticated Hearing

Distance: 8.9 miles

Travel Time: 14 minutes

Start: Paramus, NJ

  1. Drive southeast and head toward NJ-17 S 0.1 mi
  2. Turn right onto NJ-17 S 1.1 mi
  3. Take the exit toward Century Rd/River Edge/Fair Lawn 0.1 mi
  4. Turn left slight onto E Century Rd 0.2 mi
  5. Turn left onto the ramp to Mahwah N 0.2 mi
  6. Merge onto NJ-17 N (You will pass Capital One Bank) 2.4 mi
  7. Keep left to stay on NJ-17 N 3.6 mi
  8. Take the exit toward Sheridan Ave 466 ft
  9. Merge onto Sheridan Ave 0.9 mi
  10. Continue onto N Maple Ave 0.3 mi
  11. Your destination will be on the left

End: 531 N. Maple Avenue

Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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